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2017 Social Media Trends

Social media is the most powerful industry of the current online scenario. Its fluctuating nature makes it mandatory to track the latest trends. Discover the social media trends of 2017 here and know how you can imply it for your business. The last year saw different trends in consumer preferences and live videos. We have seen how infographics and videos took over the social media platforms.

The best user experience is always an aim of any social media tool. We will discuss here the latest social media trends that are most likely to dominate in the year 2017. While some predictions are sure, some are inevitable.

Top Social Media Trends That Will Dominate in 2017

Let us see which trends will be seen making rounds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WeChat. The social media is all about user experience and new technologies. Here are the top four social media trends for 2017.

Social Messaging :
Social messaging is increasing its span against the social media. WhatsApp has hit a new high during the last year. Private social messaging apps like QQ Chat, Messenger, Wechat and WhatSapp have a larger community than top networks of social media. The result is obvious. The social media is now encouraging chat and messengers allowing users to chat with the advertisers. In 2017, the trend of using messaging applications will increase. Hence, messaging will be used as an option of digital marketing.

Virtual Reality Trends in Social Media :
Virtual reality is a bigger picture now. And it grew larger in 2016 with Facebook, HTC, and Google showing good usage of virtual reality. Virtual reality trends were already up in the year 2016. Many big techies invested in it. Let us see if we see it going further in 2017 as well. It will change the way people meet each other on the various social media.

Fake News Factor :
Fake news is a big issue for the current social media platforms. Due to last year’s highlights, we may see the leading social media going hard on the fake news sites. After Facebook, we may see other social media biggies going strictly on the fake news.

Live Videos :
When videos, infographics, and other visual techniques have already taken big strides, live video is yet to grow up high. It has already started in 2016, but yet to discover its full potential. Youtube live and Facebook live are already showing this trend. It is most likely that other platforms may also roll out this feature for the users. It is a wonderful feature for businesses to invest in and market their product demos and services.

More and more people are spending time on the social media. Hence, businesses are bound to use them as a powerful tool for digital campaigning. Social media trends may vary and fluctuate, but the businesses will be surely capitalising on this trends. The main reason is the trusted factor gained by social media. Since people are now trusting media, there is a wide open way for newer features.

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