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4 Web Design Trends That You Can Not Avoid In 2016 – 2017

Check top four web design trends that we have noticed and studied would be on top this year. If you are planning a new web design, follow these trends.

Short Videos Talking about Products or Services:

Year 2016 & 2017 is all about Visual content. Text content is important, of course, SEO point of view, but for visitors and your potential customers, Visual content plays a vital role. This year we are seeing this trend developing for websites with Products and Services mainly. A short 2-3 minutes video made with After Effects/Animation with Voice Over talking about your key products or services looks very attractive.

Desktop Push Notifications:

Gone are the days when websites owners were relying on the data they used to get through the Subscription box and Newsletter Request box. Desktop Push Notifications are the hottest trend when a tiny box from top pop’s up and ask you whether this website can send you some notifications! Well, why not? If you are exploring the website and interested in the products or services you would love to receive Push notifications and it is even better for Website Owners, because Pings and Notifications are hard to ignore, thus this feature is really promising.

Typography & Sketches in Website Design :

We will see lots of Typography & Sketches as a part of eCommerce Website Design in the year 2016-2017. The trend is for those who love classic & artistic website design. Mobile apps like Prisma surely contributed to this trend to pick up like never before. Through apps like this, people have tried Typography & Sketches at the personal level and as per our research, now the same trend is entering commercial website design segment as well.

Long Scrolling:

With single page website trend, this trend comes by default. To make website mobile friendly, these days designers do not hesitate to go for long scrolls. It actually makes it easy to browse website if it just requires scrolling down than choosing and clicking on pages from the top menu. However the trend would be limited to static informative websites and blogs.

If you have hired a company that offers cutting edge Web design and development services; they might be following these trends already.

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