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64 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Online or not online, the goal of every small and large business is to sell maximum. This goal is achieved by reaching the news of your products and services to the potential customers. To be more specific, offering right product to the right target audience is carried out to achieve the goal of business. Every business wants to do something that can make them stand aloof against the competitors.

But how to be different to the customers when there are hundreds and thousands of entities offering the same product. What matters is ultimately a smart marketing plan made up of the smartest ideas. That is how we thought of bringing here 64 creative marketing ideas to boost your business.

Best Marketing Ideas for Business Promotion

Here are 64 ideas with the right marketing mix for the most effective results.

Manage your Marketing Materials:

1. Get a logo for your business or company
2. Create a unique business card and website
3. Create a digital catalogue of your products on your site
4. Keep reviewing your website against your competitor’s
5. Create promotional materials for clients and to give away during events
6. Introduce innovative print marketing materials to look different

Social Media Marketing Ideas:

With the phenomenal rise of social media, it is impossible to ignore it. Find cool social media marketing ideas.

1. Tweet all information on your products, brands and events.
2. List on google business
3. Create a business blog for your business and post regularly about useful information benefitting your customers
4. Bookmark your content on the top social bookmarking sites
5. Create a Groupon
6. Keep posting regularly on all your social profile pages
7. Get a foursquare account
8. Boost commenting and reply on the comments to your pages
9. Last but not the least, create a powerful Facebook page for your business.
10. Remain active on Pinterest by sharing appealing visuals and infographics

Content Marketing Ideas:

Content still rules amidst the world of visuals, videos, and infographics. Follow these content marketing ideas to promote your business.
1. Create content that strikes a note for your target audience
2. Post right content at the right time with time awareness
3. Do not forget to add visual features like images and videos with your content
4. Publish press releases
5. Write attractive sales copies
6. Write a guide to buy the best product
7. Ask for referrals to your customers
8. Include rewards for a specific number of referrals

Direct Mail + Email Marketing:

1. Give an option to send an e-mail to you in your blog or website
2. Offer free give-aways to add people to your email list
3. Send free email newsletters
4. Keep monitoring your email marketing campaign
5. Add an option for an action to your direct mails.
6. Use catchy pop-ups, notifications
7. Add videos, and tutorials with your emails.

Innovative Contest Advertising Ideas:

1. Organize a contest for the visitors or customers
2. Include attractive free gifts
3. Vote contests
4. Your view contest
5. Polls
6. Free gift for best views
7. Build-up your email list with every contest
8. Use the list to update on the upcoming contests
9. Introduce the new products during the contents using email list
10. Free give away of new launches to the winners or participants of the contests

Internet Marketing Company Services:

Though a vast field, the top internet marketing company ideas will help you give a big thrust to your business.
1. Choose pay per click like Google Adwords campaigning.
2. Another option is Microsoft AdCenter PPC.
3. Comment on the blog posts of the sites related to your niche. Caption the link of your site with the comment.
4. Upload videos of your products on youtube, viemo and other multimedia sites.
5. Get listed in the directories.
6. Monitor the results of internet marketing through google analytics.
7. Allocate a separate domain just for marketing campaign. This will help your customers to be in touch with your new products.
8. Keep measuring google analytics results and check the effectiveness of the IM tools employed by you.
9. Set up an online reputation management strategy.
10. Keep commenting against customer’s views and comments.

Customer Relationship Marketing Ideas:

1. Keep on sending survey forms to check customer satisfaction.
2. Send an email asking for feedback and suggestions.
3. Ask for referrals.
4. Do referrals for others.
5. Allow and get notifications on other related sites.
6. Promote or be a volunteer in educational programs and workshops related to your products or digital marketing
7. Sponsor workshops and events for increasing your popularity
8. Involve in the cross promotion techniques with other businesses
9. Plan out special promotional strategy for holidays and occasions
10. Give reward to the best customers
11. Donate your branded products and services to the local charity organizations and fund raisers
12. Involve in mentoring students or young professionals
13. Participate in your trade exhibitions and events

Marketing is a gigantic field and every day some new innovative ideas are added. However, a strategical planning and employing the best mix of marketing ideas can give a definite boost to your business.

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