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Android App Development Benefits And How It Positively Impacts the Industry

Mobile applications now occupy a very important place in our day to day lives. They are sneaked into our daily activities by providing us facilities on the go. Android App Development is not only a great way of providing services but also a way to market and advertise one’s business. Apple app store and google play store are currently the biggest stores in the marketplace.

The benefits of the Android App Development lie in the fact that the Google play store is the biggest platform to download mobile apps. Not having your app on the Android or Google app store can be harmful to your business.

Impacts & Benefits of Android App Development

We have discussed here the major android app development benefits and also how it positively impacts the industry. Let us explain how the android app development can empower the app industry.


The software development kit provided by Android allows developers to manage the Android environment quite easily. The process of android mobile application development is easy and fast.


Android is an open source app place. This enables small sized companies to put their products on the app market. No need for high spending on Android app development and implementation in the marketplaces. There are copious number of mobile app development company offering quality services in the field.


Due to the liberal nature of the Android platform, app developer have limitless potentialities to give way to their creativity. Apps can be created without any restrictions of the functionalities and production limits.

With android, you also have a very high variety of phones that go with the new gadgets. Instead of focussing on a single maker, you have a great pool of different gadgets for which you can create apps.


Android holds a huge market share compared to the iOS. So was in 2013, and Android is still a champion as far as the market share is concerned. It is rich in number as well varieties. Android is attracting huge number of manufacturers as well customers. The more the popularity, the more are the chances to grow for the developers. Designing an android app means getting exposure to a large number of potential users.

Google’s operating system is always based on innovation. It offers boundless opportunities to the developers to create more original ways for app making. For a better experience of creativity, Android app developing is the best option. Due to the high popularity of the Android, the newbies as well experienced developers are more prone to favour this platform for app creation.

Vice-versa, with more and more developers turning to the Android app making, the platform is becoming more and more powerful in the market. The limitations of android are continuously solved by the development team. Improvements and upgradations are taking place with Android at a quicker pace. Due to the skyrocketing success of the app store, there are more than billions using mobile apps. The apps are now becoming a part of our daily activities. They are positively helping several industries and businesses in the most innovative way. It is also driving growth of all application development company as a flourished service industry.

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