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Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes and errors happen! They happen by chance or due to lack of experience. But they do happen. As in the other cases, so with Word press platform as well! Whether you are a Word press beginner or a bit experienced person, be cautious about the common Custom WordPress Development mistakes to avoid. When any platform is selected, the main objective for a newbie is to install it and make it work as early as possible.

This guide on the possible mistakes happening with WordPress will help you to avoid them. These are the most common errors majority of us make while running the blog. Avoiding these errors will make your blog productive and creative.

Best WordPress Tips To Avoid Mistakes

1. Choosing the Best Platform:
Choosing the Incorrect wordpress development platform can be your very first mistake. Generally beginners are in two minds. Which one to select?

A self-hosted or a free

As a newbie, it might be difficult to know the importance of selecting the right platform. Both the things have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are a photographer or an artist, or a blogger, is more suitable. But gives you a greater control over your site.

2. How Much Should Be the Investment:
First of all, you need a domain and web hosting for the self hosted wordpress blog. That’s it. Some of the services to invest into are SSL, 5 year registrations, branded email set-up etc. Actually, it becomes difficult to transfer in the case of private registration. There is not reason in investing all the features like SSL.

3. Creating the Backup:
Not creating a backup is one of the most disastrous and silly mistake we make. It is always recommended to create a system of automatic backups. There are free and paid auto tools available for this. Instead of mourning over the lost data, it is always be cautious about a backup way.

4. Not Walking with the Updates:
As a beginners, we feel sceptical about the updates. If you are going with like who care’s attitude with the updates, a change is needed. Sometimes, we just don’t upgrade the site due to bad management. The more time you take to update the versions, the more is your loss. So learn to be friendly with the updates.

5. Forgetting the Google Analytics
Google analytics is like a torchbearer of your website’s growth. It will be a complete foolishness to run a blog without the best analytics service. It gives you a detailed data of the behaviour of your visitors, the performance of your site, and your keywords. The analytics itself will help you to generate further and greater traffic to your blog.

Not optimizing the images and not creating a mobile responsive site are yet again common errors. Eliminating the above errors will help you to drive a great traffic to your wordpress blog. The more you get rid of these errors, the more you will be enhancing your blog. Feel free to share other important mistakes with us.

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  • Maintaining back up and proper security is a unique key to run a WordPress blog successfully. Great ideas you explore here that will be engaging for WordPress users and target marketers. Thanks for your suggestions here.

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