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Ideation Service Myths and Benefits

There are many companies coming to Ideation services these days. It is relatively new concept for many people and that is the reason people compare it with other creative services. In this post we would like to address myths, what ideation service is not about and the benefits of hiring right company that offers ideation service.

Ideation Services Vs Innovation Services:

Many people get confused between ideation services and innovation service. Many people believe that both services are equivalent, but actually that is not the truth. Innovation service is more about how unique is the idea where as ideation service is more about how feasible and constructive is the idea.

Many Ideas Vs Big Idea:

Innovation Services is more towards the number of ideas people generate and then filtering those ideas to get the desired one. Whereas Ideation service includes an ideation process that helps you to get that constructive one big idea that can change the entire game for you.

Process Vs End:

Ideation Service focuses more on the process to get that big idea that you need whereas innovation service focuses more on the end result in decided time frame.

If we check above points in detail, we can understand that ideation service is way beyond innovation. And it can be used on a broader scale for product development. There are companies who have used ideation services and have developed some remarkable, life changing products that have made life simpler and better.

How to Find Ideation Service Company:

The first and foremost important thing to check is client portfolio and type of projects done. When you approach companies that offer ideation service, ask them to share the work portfolio with you. You can ask about their team, skills and how experienced they are. You can check authenticity of the company with their overall work, their services, offerings and their social media presence. Before you finalize any company, check their website. Read some client testimonial and social media channels. You need to be sure with their customer care support and work delivery timeline. All these points will help you to choose right ideation service provider company.

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