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Mobile App Design Trends in 2017

The mobile apps are taking giant strides since past few years. Moving with the time is the mantra of modern times. As technology is changing very fast, so the trends are. Before you barge into any field, you need to get familiar with the trends. As an alert mobile app developer, you must be spending a fair amount of time to make your apps look trendiest. Numerous factors are impacting the mobile applications. Since the New Year is already on, we have shared here views on what mobile app design looks like in 2017.

As per the survey reports, the downloads of the apps is going to double in 2017. The mobile apps help in keeping your users active. A good app design is a must for keeping the users glue with your app. While you start creating an app in the year 2017, know the latest trends that may change the way your app should look.

Top 5 Mobile App Design Trends for 2017

We have listed here the top mobile app design trends that are likely to take over in the year 2017.

1. Internet of Thigs and Wearable Apps:

The IoT apps are going to get into the mainstream this year. Apple watch apps are already going high. Google has also launched IoT adoption with release of Android Things. So, beside smartphones, smart devices will also need apps. As a mobile app development company, you will have a task of innovating to meet the new challenges related to the Internet of Things and wearable apps.

2. Skeuomorphism:

The skeuomorphism trend is not going to leave the app designing world in 2017 as well. Realism is loved by the users and they are getting inclined towards this design concept. So be prepared to involve the real world elements while you design a mobile app.

3. Micro – Mini Interactions:

The world is getting busy and the schedules are getting hectic day by day. Users are becoming impatient as the time moves on. Users are provided with the trigger points to get the results at once on the screen. The trend actually started two years back and is likely to be enhanced. In the year 2017, the bigger screens and enhanced resolutions are expected to reach new heights.

4. Go Visual:

Texts are no more appealing users as they did before. It’s time to go for visual storytelling through infographics and videos. The figures pertaining to video watching by the users are really astonishing. Nearly one billion are watching minimum one video daily. Mobile app designing now need to be incorporating visual ways in addition to the texts to attract users.

5. Adaptive Typography:

As we are talking about what mobile app design will look in 2017, it is almost impossible to ignore typography. Until now, mobile app designing is focussed on layouts, content, navigation and other designing issues. Now, it seems the typography is going to make it a big this year. The fonts, spaces, headlines and patterns of texts are going to improve the readability. A better readability means high users. Typography is basically important because communicating through text is not completely out. It is still dominating amidst the rise of visuals.

What we can conclude ultimately is that mobile app designing trends in 2017 are going to enhance the user experience in every way. Whether it is visuals, going from phones to other devices or enhancing the quality of typography. Designing in 2017 is going to take the user experience to a new level by reducing a gap between virtual and real too.

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