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Mobile App Development Tips That Will Make Your App More Discoverable

Mobile apps are the best way to boost business in the age of smart phones.
But what after you have created an awesome app?

Are you still hiding from the world?

Are you not getting noticed?

The app world is so vast that even after getting noticed by few people, it is difficult to become more visible. To get over this scenario, we have shared here mobile app development tips that will make your app more discoverable.

There are above 20 lakhs apps in the play store, and 20 lakhs in the apple store. The figures in the amazon app store and windows are not less than 6 lakhs.

Where your app will stand among all these apps?

And if you are to make a difference with your app, what can be the best way?

Top 5 Mobile App Development Tips to Get Discovered

The main issue is that you can’t make your app visible after creating it.

App Store Optimization Techniques: 

The ASO or app store optimization is not different from search engine optimization. The major objective is just to optimize your app. As a result, your mobile app will rank higher in the app search results. Above 50% of the apps in the top app stores are getting searched through the technique of app store optimization.

1. In-app Screenshots:

In-app screenshots are significant as it serve as a first look of your app. Besides keywords, you should also focus on the in–app screenshots. The very first screenshot will be the first thing everyone will see about your app. Use high-quality pleasant screenshots. Your screenshot should be precisely explaining your products or business. Place an appealing glimpse that describes your brand as well as make people curious about it. A bad image can prove disastrous for the ranking of your app. Make sure the images look best in every platform.

2. Analyze the Statistics of the Competitors:

Which apps are directly in your competitions?

What their analytics show?

Which are the apps leading in the similar brand as yours?

This will also help you in discovering your audience. May be the product or the brand is different but they are cleverly taking away your audience. Research the top apps in your main category and the related categories. Analyze indirect competitors as well the direct competition apps. May be you are missing out on using some keywords that your competitors are using lavishly.

3. Right Mix of the Keywords:
Don’t just rely on your primary keywords. As said above track all the keywords used by the competitors. Also analyze the secondary and related keywords to optimize your app. Using your app or company or brand’s name as your keyword does not make sense in the beginning phase. You can use the keyword of your brand only when your app is already successful and people have started looking for it.

4. Right Titles and Descriptions:
As it goes with SEO, so it is with mobile app development. A right title and right description will help you get in the search results. Try to get information on the top apps’ search description and utilize them to optimize your app.

These mobile app development tips will make your app more discoverable in the search results. While it can be a time-consuming process to optimize your app, but these ideas should be in your optimization process.

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