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Most Notable Differences between iOS and Android While Creating Apps

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our routine lives. A lot of day to day activities are now carried out with a few clicks on our smartphones. Some of them are like calling handyman services, railway ticket booking, shopping, and hiring a cab. Right from gaming to premium business experiences, apps are dominating the business world. When you want to make a stir as a developer, the very first thing that comes your way is choosing the platform. The app designing differs with the different platforms. In this post, we have discussed the major points of differences between iOS and Android app development.

Regardless of the popularity of the platforms, exploring differences between the development of iOS and Android apps is essential for the newbie developer.

Apple vs Android App Development
Let us start with the development and explore the most remarkable differences between iOS app development and Android while creating apps.

Development and Programming Skills
A developer needs to research on how an app behaves. As the construction of the app for iOS and Android differs a lot, it is essential to know different programming languages for each platform. While Android app development company needs to use Java; the iOS apps are created using Objective-C. There are always debates on the better programming language. Since there are pros and cons with both the languages, you need to choose the right for your skills. This will also decide your app development skills for a specific operating system.

Testing the Apps
The Apple coding platform and the associated testing tools make it easy for iOS app development company to test the apps through the development process. The UI testing feature provides a greater control over the work. While on the other hand, the google apps are not very friendly when it comes to testing part. The setup of the android apps is tougher for testing.

Integrated Development Environment
The Integrated development environment; abbreviated as IDE are tools for the developers. The IDE of the platforms allows the engineer to write and test the software. Do check out the IDEs used by the Android and Apple systems before you decide on choosing which app to build. Android studio and Xcode are used by Android and Apple respectively.

Understand the Revenue Models
We all know android applications are the most widely used apps. Most of the projects of mobile app design and development are taken up in Android platform. However, if you look beyond the revenues on average, iOS applications stand ahead. iOS platform has more takers of the paid apps than the google playstore. This will also decide your return on the investments if will be taking to creating and selling your own apps on the different app stores.

Other factors like time consumed in designing, submission cost, and market places also pose differences between the apps belonging to these two systems. The above listed key differences are the prominent ones and should largely influence your decision of platform for app designing. While Android is far more popular and versatile, Apple apps are considered more profitable. Hence, before you start, you need to go skin-deep into the differences between mobile app development for iOS and Android.

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