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How to Set Up an Online Payment Gateway to Your Site?

Online Payment Gateway setup is an essential thing for all online eCommerce portal owners. It enables you to receive Payment online through various Online Payment methods like Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Mobile Wallets, PayPal, Net Banking etc. It can be done using third party framework support. It is little tricky as it sounds; thus you need professional support for the same. Someone who does Web Development for you can do Online Payment Gateway setup for you. However, it is advisable for you to confirm the same with Web Development Company whether they can do Online Payment Gateway Setup or not.

At WizBizTechno, we offer complete online payment gateway support for you including your bank account. Here is a simple step by step guide to set up an online payment gateway to your site.

Choose a Payment Gateway:

This is the most crucial and important step; that is to choose service provider. There are many options available in India and Abroad. For the best and most reliable Payment Gateway, contact us.

Decide whether you want External Payment Gateway or Direct One:

External Payment gateway is when you want your customer to redirect and process their payment on other website. Direct Gateways are helpful when you want to do payment on your portal itself.

Sign up for Payment Gateway:

Once you decide your Payment Gateway, you need to complete the sign up process to get id passwords. This step requires authorization process as well with your bank details. WizBizTechno helps you here as well.

Integrate Payment Gateway to Your Portal:

This is the last process which has 3 essential steps, which are Setup Online Shop, Choose payment options and test payment gateway at the end. This step requires knowledge of Payment Gateway Setup process and only an experienced person can do this without any errors. We recommend taking professional help for Payment Gateway Setup.

For more details, contact WizBizTechno. We would love to guide you for online payment gateway setup with our expertise and experienced developers. You can email us or contact us now.

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