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Signs of Genuine & Real E-commerce Website

E-commerce is now one of the flourishing businesses of the world. But making a successful and long-running e-commerce website is a challenging task. There are lots of features in e-commerce site and it needs to gain customer’s trust as well. There are no thumb rules for a successful e-commerce site, but there are definitely the key drivers.

You need a set of features which will make your ecommerce development services site a hit. What exactly makes your online store very effective and trustworthy? Here we have highlighted certain aspects that are essential to creating a genuine and real e-commerce website.

How to Create a Genuine and Trusted Ecommerce Site

The given guidelines will show you a path to create a trusted and real ecommerce site. Follow them as commandments and you will be making an effective ecommerce.

1. Live Chat

In today’s times, people are interested in live chat than in dropping e-mails. The live chat allows users to get his answers on the spot. It also helps in saving time as the counter questions can be placed immediately. It gives a relief to the customers, as he/she has an opportunity to sort out the issues with the executive instantly.

2. Transparent Terms and Conditions

Friendly and transparent terms and conditions of any e-commerce are important. Since ecommerce deals with delivery, it is important to have friendly shipping and payment conditions. Safe packaging, friendly return policies and liberal exchange policies help a lot to gain a loyal customer base. Consumer may not like an ecommerce that abruptly rejects any chances of returns and exchanges. Too much of delayed shipping duration can also go against the site. Keep all the terms and conditions friendly.

3. User-Friendly and Quick Website

Quick loading of the pages and a user-friendly interface mean a lot. Generally, faster loading is loved a lot by the users. Speed helps in buying efficiently and paying efficiently. After all, the main purpose of the online shopping is also to save time. As per the surveys, more than 75% of consumers say that easy navigation is an important aspect. Many customers leave the site if they find that the site design is not user friendly.

4. Security Logo and SLL Certificate

Consumers are smart and knowledgeable today. They know the technical and security features of the websites. While buying and paying online, they also want to be safe and secured. Securing the data of the customers including the credit card details is very important. Most of the buyers don’t prefer to buy if they see that the data is being transmitted through the insecure connection. Buyers also check the security logos in your site before trusting you.

5. Contact Forms and Details

Not all consumers are friendly with the live chat feature. Give your contact details clearly so that customers can contact you. Give your email address and contact form links clearly to enable the users to contact you instantly.

A beautiful site without these features will not help you to gain users. These are the signs of genuine and real Signs of Genuine & Real E-commerce Website efficient in increasing traffic for your website.

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