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Things to consider Before Integrating Payment Gateway in a Mobile App

Shopping and hiring services with mobile apps are gaining more and more popularity with the increased use of the smartphones. People are loving to get facilities on the go; be it online shopping, rental cab services, hotel bookings or flight bookings. Every online shopping or online booking has a payment option at the final stage. As a mobile app development company, you will find yourself dealing with the integration of payment options in the app. This integration is one of the most significant during the process of app development. There are lots of things to consider before integrating payment gateway in a mobile app.

The payment gateway is the final step every user will go through at the online procedures of shopping with the apps. Any flaw in the process may result in buyer’s refusal to use the app. nothing can be so damaging to the business when a buyer turns down the deal due to shortcomings in the payment system.

Top 5 Important Factors to Consider While Integrating Payment Gateway

Hence, we discuss here some of the most important factors of mobile app development you need to take care of before integration of payment option in the app.

Security – The topmost factory is security when it comes to online payment mechanism. There are many people who do not use online bookings due to fear of insecurities involved with digital payments. However, a PCI-DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ensures customers that the online transactions are safe. This is the best way to make your app secure and trustworthy.

Maximum Alternatives – A single payment option may drastically reduce the number of users. Try to facilitate multiple options at the gateway. Many users prefer to pay by PayPal. While many users are comfortable with debit or credit card, wallet, and net banking. Also, add an option for cash on delivery as many customers still do not prefer online transactions. The payment alternative increases the user experience.

Return Confirmations or Acknowledgements – The users feel safe with the mechanisms that allow them to have a payment confirmation message through email or SMS. Payment confirmations in the app play a signification role in building confidence.

Quick and Simple – Easier and faster is the mantra of modern digital lifestyle. No one wants to spend extra time over any single process. A slow and lengthy procedures is avoided by the users. Before selecting the payment gateway and modes of payment, research on the quickest and most simple methods. This again depends on your decision to integrate a specific software development kit in the mobile application development.

Cost and Charges – There are varied types of payment mechanisms in terms of the charges it attracts. Some have a periodic cost structure, while some are one-time or per transaction. You need to be careful about whether the payment charges will be a certain amount per transaction. Or they there will be fixed charges or based on monthly, weekly, and yearly time period. You may choose the one that is the most affordable in the long term.

What we can conclude from above is you need to consider the above factories in terms of the type of the app you are designing. The things to consider before integrating payment gateway in a mobile app decides the usability of your app. The process is very significant for the users as well for the merchants. Before implementing your app, make sure that the payment gateway is flawless and it will not make the user quit the app in any way. Without the convenient payment gateway, mobile app design and development process may lack in efficiency.

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