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Why Us

With WizBiz Techno, you are not hiring just another IT consultancy. You will be partnering with highly experienced professionals who care for your business. We not only fulfil your requirements but also exceed beyond your expectations. WizBiz consultants believe in going an extra mile to give your incredible success in your journey of growth and prosperity.

The team of pro consultants at WizBiz are IT experts and great thinkers who listen to you, suggest solutions, and spend hours of brainstorming and R&D to see that you are delivered a right solution that works wonders for your business.

Throughout our consultancy, solutions, and implementations, our goal is to give you rapid solutions at affordable rates.
Our IT based solutions are helping businesses to explore newer ways to expand customer base, retain existing customers and stay taller in the market than the competitors. Needless to say, all our solutions are highly ROI focussed and increases your revenues and help you grow exponentially.

We satisfy our customers by maintaining certain key standards that help us to achieve what we want and what our customers hire for us.

1. We Are Experts

At WizBiz, you are partnering with the industry’s best professional consultants who own unparalleled intelligence and technical expertise. Right from customized IT solutions to turnkey IT solutions, you get everything to enhance the overall performance of your firm.

2. Customized IT Consultations

We twist our standard cycle of IT solutions to meet your business needs. As we analyse your needs and activities, we offer tailor-made consultancy models to give you a rich experience by eliminating unproductive sessions.

3. Infrastructure & Methodologies

Wizbiz is a well- equipped IT consultancy with best state-of-the-art environment hiring industry’s best IT professionals. The core team at WizBiz believes in keeping the infrastructure abreast of the latest facilities and outsourcing methodologies.

4. Affordability

Being a leader in core consultancy, we know how costs can affect your revenues. We keep our solutions customized and affordable with flexible price structures. Our packages are transparent without any last minute hidden costs. We want you to achieve the best with less cost.

5. Responsive and Friendly

At WizBiz, customers are guaranteed friendly support and professional communication. We are open to your suggestions and modifications. The projects are executed with regular updates, feedback, approvals, and a rapport ensuring along-term relationship.

6. Flexible and Agile

After detailed discussion with the clients and intense brain-storming at our end, we develop the agilest solutions in alimited timeframe. Out of the most fruitful, we choose the best in coordination with our client. Our team is flexible in shaping the solutions as per changing needs of the businesses.

7. Committed to Quality

All the consultants and project managers at WizBiz Techno are highly committed to quality results. Our projects do not cease unless our customers are satisfied with the quality of the solutions. Our IT solutions are technologically sound as well viable when implemented.

8. Time Bound Solutions

We integrate IT technology to make your business activities faster and better with an aiming of yielding higher revenues. WizBiz understands the importance of right timings. With time bound deliveries, we let you achieve your business goals well within your set time limits.

9. Confidentiality

As a professional company with our core business a consultancy, we are actively in coordination with the businesses. Our high level of business values keeps every client’s information protected with us with complete safety and confidentiality.

10. Compliances

WizBiz work processes and outputs are strictly adhering to standard security planning and technical compliances. The software and solutions created by us are up to the mark with the local and international regulations.

11. Greater Control

The issue with hiring professional services like us is a control and monitoring your own project. We eliminate this issue by working in complete coordination with you as your own in-house team. Our team members and allotted managers will be continuously communicating with you and applying any modifications suggested by you.

12. Supportive Services

Though our core business is sharing our innovative ideas for your prosperity, we serve more than that. We ensure that you and your team are well set and trained for the implementation. Before our solution is executed, we make sure that you are ready to achieve success using it.